White Line Woodcut at Mass College of Art

This summer I taught a two-day workshop in white line woodcut at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA.  I had three talented students and we spent our time together discussing the whys and wherefores of making things while carving lines into clear pine boards and painting watercolor onto the boards to create printed images on Japanese paper.  No answers as to why it is so satisfying to learn about color and texture and to explore new materials and to engage in creative problem solving, but we did all of these things as we worked and talked together.

Octopus print by Katie Boulter-Dimock.

Katy’s octopus with painterly watercolor background added.

Beautiful subtle colors in landscape by Elizabeth Hammond Pyle.  Check out Elizabeth’s blog: http://www.bottlebranch.com

Inspired by Blanche Lazell’s prints, Patti Ryan created a fanciful still life.

Katie made a second print and refined her watercolor technique.